Lewandowski v Mandzukic – Did Bayern blunder

It seemed like a no-brainer at the time, but did Bayern Munich actually weaken their striking department with their recruitment of Robert Lewandowski in the summer of 2014?

As one of the most sought-after frontmen in Europe, news of the Poland international’s imminent availability as a free agent sparked a mad scramble for his signature.

Having been a regular source of goals at Borussia Dortmund during a glittering period in their history – passing the 20-goal mark in each of his last three seasons with the club – here was a man who the cream of the continent were determined to get their hands on.

In the end, he stuck with what he knows and opted to remain in the Bundesliga, snubbing reported interest from the Premier League and La Liga.


   by  Photography DK 

Bayern, it appeared, had produced quite a coup and had landed themselves a guaranteed source of goals.

They were, however, left facing the uncomfortable question of what to do with Mario Mandzukic.

The Croat was always going to be deemed surplus to requirements once Lewandowski rode into town, with his profile not quite matching up to that of the new boy – despite boasting a fine domestic and international strike rate of his own.

Bayern, though, may have been blinded by Polish lights, with exploits this season suggesting that they would have been better off sticking with a man offloaded to Atletico Madrid.

Mandzukic, in a side not as free-flowing as they were last season as they swept to the Spanish title and Champions League final, has offered more to the collective cause than the man who replaced him in Bavaria.

As forwards go, there is little to choose between the two and comparisons are easily drawn.

Both in their mid-to-late 20s and standing around the six foot mark, the pair are hard-working, physically capable strikers who are comfortable on the deck and in the air.

They have also seen a similar amount of game time at club level this season, allowing their efforts at home and abroad to be compared and contrasted.

In the Bundesliga, a division he knows like the back of his hand, Lewandowski has managed 11 goals and provided three assists.

In a Bayern side easing towards the successful defence of their German crown – check out the Bundesliga betting markets if you want the odds of their potential – the 26-year-old’s contribution equates to just 16.7 per cent of their overall tally of 66 goals.

To put those numbers into perspective, Mandzukic – during his first season in the new surrounds of the Spanish top flight – has mustered 12 goals (23.5 per cent of Atletico’s 51 as a unit) and five assists.

The 28-year-old has also found the target five times among Europe’s elite, while Lewandowski has just two Champions League goals to his name this term.

The latter is so far failing to net at a rate of one in two – something the former managed while grabbing 48 in 88 games for Bayern – with Arjen Robben currently their most potent attacking weapon.

It has to be noted that Mandzukic has also seen a team-mate better his return this season, with Antoine Griezmann enjoying another standout campaign. But he is more of a team player and you get the feeling that there will be no shortage of interest in his services this summer if reports of a falling out with Diego Simeone are to be believed and he is edged towards the exit door.

A return to Bayern is highly unlikely, but it could be that those who were pipped at the post during the lengthy Lewandowski pursuit end up getting the better end of the bargain 12 months down the line.

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News for the 2014 Football World Cup


It is the 20th FIFA World Cup is going to take place in Brazil. June 12th to July 13th will be one crazy month for all football lovers this year. The 2014 Football World Cup is going to be Brazil’s second time as host after 1950. All the 31 countries have been trying hard for years to get through the selections and the selected countries are going to play a total of 64 matches that viewers are going to watch with spellbound awe no matter what countries are playing.

The 2014 Football World Cup will be the first where the goal-line technology will be used. This will assure fair play and leave no room for confusion. The technology will only help officials and not replace their place completely. Hence, we can look forward to better and fairer matches. After Colombia withdrew its bid on hosting the event, Brazil was officially made the major host country on 30th October 2007 and the country has been preparing itself to do justice to this honor ever since. All football fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for the big event that is just 3 months away. What will be your excuse to avoid school, college or office to not miss this?

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Football: full of thrill and excitement

Today, football is one of the most popular sports and is loved by millions or billions of people in the world. This sport is full of fun, trill and excitement. With the passing of time, this sport gets improved as well as new rules and regulations were also made for this sport. This sport is played on state level, national level as well as international level. There are many clubs also that organize event every year. Betting on football is also very common these days, as most of the people done this just for their selfish motives. In some countries, betting is illegal and strictly banned whereas in some countries, it is legal and is carried out for the purpose of earning money.

General rules of football game

General rules that must be followed by each and every player while playing this sport are as follows;

  • Natural as well as artificial field can be used for this sport. It should be rectangular in shape and the surface also needs to be green.
  • Football is to be made from leather only and it must be spherical.
  • One referee is must in football game.
  • The game is to be played between two teams and each team must have 11 players and among such player, 1 player is a goal keeper.
  • The timing for game is 45 minutes and the game is played in two hazels.
  • Player must wear jersey, shorts, footwear, stockings as well as skin guard.

One of the best games and in demand : Football

Football is a sport and a game played by people and it is played like the person needs to kick the ball until it reaches a goal, the person needs to kick the ball by his foot and no one can use the hands to touch the ball while playing. Football game is played everywhere it is of so many variations that it is normally called as association football. Americans play football, the Australians play, the Canadians play and many more countries play therefore all these variations are called as football codes.

Football League:  first professional competition of football

The football league is one of the first professional competition of football  and it is a very famous one as well. All the variations of football share some common elements and that is that there are two teams who play against each other and both the teams consists of 11 to 18 players and this game is an outdoor game requiring a good ground and the person playing needs to goal to the opposite’s team goal area or line and in this way the game continues and whoever makes the maximum number of goals wins the game. In this game there is something called as free kick  in which the player gets a direct chance to hit to the goal of the opposite team and gain the points. Everyone around the world is a fan of some or the other game and football is one of the games which is a favorite of almost all. When the football league starts everyone gets glued to the television and they have fun watching this game. There are proper places and clubs made where football can be practiced and proper coaches are there who can train as well.

Watch Football Game Live at the Stadium

The thrill of watching a football game live in a stadium is different and all together an enthralling experience. People in crowds of thousands reach in the stadium of football to watch the game in different countries.

Football played in different countries

Football which is also known as soccer, initially started in England, is now played in various countries including America, Russia, Germany, and India etc. People in many countries witness live performance of players in the stadium yearly in crowds of thousands.

Watch your favourite player live

Many people are fans of different personalities such as TV stars, politicians and many have players as their favourite. Similarly many people have soccer players as their favourites. The joy of watching your favourite player live is an enjoyable experience.

Kids enjoy the live performances

Taking kids to the stadium to watch football gives them a chance to view something different. Parents should make an endeavour to take their kids along so that they can view something new and enjoyable for them. Two or families can go together taking their children along so that all the kids can have fun with each other.

Book tickets in advance

As more and more number of people are increasing for going to the football stadium everywhere, so it should always be seen that the tickets are booked in advance. Tickets for live performances can also be booked online, which is a feature available nowadays. The charges for live football game seats vary as the VIP seats or the regular seats. All these can be booked and charges for the same can be confirmed in advance, especially in case of bulk bookings.

Hobbit Kom Guide: Dealing with nasty people

While playing the game and spending time in the chat room with other players it is inevitable not to meet at least an angry person. Usually people get mad if the game does not go as they wanted and they might start using an inappropriate language. Such behavior can be tolerated as long as his anger is not redirected to someone else. In this case you might want to know what to do in order to protect yourself.
The first thing that must be done in this case is to click on their username and tab the Ignore button. This way he will not be able to upset you ever again. If you felt really offended by his comment then you can even tap Report Abuse in order to ensure that he will not get rid of this unpunished.
Another clever thing that can be done is print screening ugly comments and emailing them to Kabam forums. It is easy to do and this way you can protect yourself or other players and you can ensure that nobody crosses the boundaries of common sense. There are a lot of kids that play this game and it is a pity let them be offended by other players.
You should know that Kabam really takes this complains into consideration and they will ban the player that you report. Unfortunately you will not be able to find out how they reacted because they honor their privacy statement, but you can be sure that you are going to be revenged.
If there is someone that is spamming you then you should know that Kabam has also provided a Mail Ignore button. All you have to do in order to be able to ignore nasty players is to accept the contacts and after that you can hit the Ignore button and you do not have to deal with them ever again.
Unfortunately this not stops them from creating new accounts and harassing you, but if you keep ignoring them then in the end they will get bored. Do not forget about print screens in order to be sure that all their accounts are going to be banned.
A game should be funny and ugly words must not be used. If you feel threatened or harassed by someone then you have to do your best to ignore him. Try not to get in a fight with him because the situation might get worst. As long as you respect a certain code you will be able to enjoy your game properly.
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Making a Great Football Team


Playing football and making a great team is not just simply a sport, but showcases many different qualities the players of the team have and the captain ascertains. The captain of the team is quite responsible for almost everything the teams goes through, be it the performance of athletes or bad results over a game or by handling the jitters of the team players during the final day.
The players of the team also play an essential role as their combined performance helps in winning the match. Many players face jitters of the final day at the final match which also makes it quite difficult for the team and the captain itself. To maintain the team spirit and the winning boost going on is quite difficult at different levels of the game. The role of the captain is quite appreciative in maintaining the complete decorum on the field and before the start of the game. The work and training of coach is also quite appreciative at every level as he is the man behind the entire team and their hard work. He also spends extra hours by providing rigorous training and work out to each and every member of the team as and when required. This makes him a vital part of the team.
Each and every member of the team is indispensable as without any of them it would be difficult for the team to win a match. A football team is a mixture of different members and their combined support makes it a winning team in any match.

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